Bert Douglas:
A Family Remembers


Douglas Robert Smith (Bert Douglas) was born in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1897, the youngest of a family of eight.

In World War One he served for over four years with the famous Gordon Highlanders.

Following marriage to Laura (Cantlay) in 1920, they immigrated to Toronto, Canada where he was employed in the Motive Power Department of Canadian National Railways until his retirement in 1962.

As his sons, Russell and Donald, were well aware in their childhood and early teens of their father's enthusiasm for and involvement in all things having to do with magic.

Bert Douglas died in Toronto on March 8, 1974.


About Bert Douglas

In 1944, Bert with

his sons: Russell (12), 

and Donald (16).

Bert with Donald

in 1944.

Bert Douglas with his

family in 1950.